new cards

Hi there,

It's just ages since I last posted but I've not been idle, just busy.  I've wipped around blogland regularly leaving an odd comment along the way. Anyway I think it's time I put some new pictures on my blog.

This is a digi image I bought from Sketching Stamper and I love it.  I have always loved fuschias and this is a dream to colour.  She has a number of gorgeous images available do go and have a look.

This is another digi, this time from Just Inklined and again they have some fantastic images available, not just flowers but all sorts.  I saw this image coloured on  Jak Heath's
 blog and loved it and I'm pleased with how mine turned out.  I made it for my daughter's birthday last week.

This is a stamp from Stamps Away which I bought some time ago thinking it would be good for men's cards and also for Get Well cards and this has proved to be true.  I have been trying out using ink to colour my backgrounds and I am very pleased with this one, I think it really makes the image 'pop'.  I don't think it shows up very well at all in the photo though.  Photographing my cards is also something new for me and I'm going to need a lot of practice I can see but this is 'fun' right well maybe but not yet.

Hope you like what you see and I would just love it if you left me a comment.  It would be nice if there was a counter or something to let you know how many times your blog has been looked at, perhaps there already is one and I just don't know about it. 

I am going to try to upload at least on a weekly basis but the weeks go by so quickly and Christmas is coming and I have  customers who buy my cards and then there are my own which makes a lot of cards to make, hey ho I do enjoy making cards and get a real kick out of it when someone buys a card they like, it makes my day.