We spent a lovely Christmas Day with our daughter and her family.  Her 2 children are our youngest grandchildren, Abi is 5 and Xander 2 1/2.  Abi has now got to the stage where all she wants to do is rip the paper of everything whilst Xander is happy opening one present and playing with it.  Abi found this very frustrating as she kept having to slow down so she hadn't opened all her presents before Xander got beyond his first. But in the end we had a lovely day.

Fortunately we had done everyone elses presents some time ago but I couldn't decide what to get my husband and then the snow arrived which kept me housebound so in the end I panicked and ordered some stuff from Amazon only part of which arrived before Christmas the rest arrived today.  My husband had much the same experience but being able to go out he got something locally.

Anyway I hope you all had a super Christmas and that you will have a bright and happy New Year

Thanks so much for stopping by and hopefully I will show you more of my cards in 2011.