No Cards!

Hi everyone,

Sorry there have been no cards recently but I have not been well I've been in hospital with pneumonia which caused my arthritis to flare up and I've been feeling proper sorry for myself,  I'm still not 100% but do have a little less pain today which I hope will continue.  I went to see the doctor again yesterday and she gave me some more tablets this time to help with the pain but as they are steroids they come with many warnings and possible side effects but for now I will just be grateful to get some pain relief. 

Hopefully therefore I may get round to making some cards.  The card from my last post is still sitting on my desk waiting for its insert and finishing and now we are into February I am beginning to think of my regular 3rd Saturday coffee morning sale and as I didn't get there last month I really want to get there this month.

Thank you so much for calling by I really do appreciate it when I get visitors even though my posting is very sporadic.